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Qualified, passionate teachers, large outdoor spaces, transition to school programmes and 20 ECE hours each week.

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Monday - Friday
Extended Day: Any 6.5 – 9hrs with a start time between 8am – 9am
Morning: Any 4 - 4.5hrs between 8am - 12.30pm
Afternoon: Any 3 - 4.5hrs between 12.30pm – 5.00pm

20 Hours free from 2 years old
$4 per hour for extra hours (*NOTE: $5.25 per hour if you have attested any of your 20 ECE Hours at another service)

P 07 856 6659
E peachgrove@kindergarten.org.nz

0800 CHILDREN (244 537)


181 Galloway Street, Hamilton


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Enrol from birth. 20 FREE Hours from 2 years of age.

Peachgrove Kindergartens Waikato is well-respected for providing high-quality, affordable education and childcare. We provide an environment where children’s learning is enhanced through both planned and spontaneous learning experiences.  We believe in providing learning opportunities that develop the skills necessary to enquire and explore.

  • Warm & welcoming staff who are passionate about teaching and learning.
  • Safe, caring and stimulating environment.
  • Well resourced and huge outdoor play area.
  • Children develop social interaction and respect.
  • Private online learning portfolios for parents (sharing photos, videos and stories about your child).
  • An exclusive early childhood partnership with the Enviroschools Programme (eg. recycling, composting, gardening).
  • In Partnership with Sports Waikato Under5 Energize to eat healthy, be active & have fun! 
  • Learning based on the NZ Early Childhood Curriculum, Te Whāriki.
  • Value family/whānau and kindergarten partnership.
  • Transition to school programme.

"Very friendly teachers and family orientated environment."

- Family Survey

"Aspects of literacy and numeracy are incorporated meaningfully, together with the underlying physical strengths and aptitudes that support these important learning areas."

- ERO Report

"Love the environment and the teachers are so lovely."

- Family Survey.

Our qualified staff carefully plan programmes that fulfil the early childhood curriculum. We aim to ensure children are competent, confident and successful learners. Children will learn and develop:

  • A strong foundation in reading, writing and maths
  • Art, creativity, music and dance skills
  • An understanding of sustainability and their environment
  • The importance of New Zealand's heritage
  • Social skills, behaviour management and manners
  • Self confidence
  • Learning skills such as independence, creativity and curiosity
  • Friendships that may last throughout their schooling
  • Relationships with consistent, familiar teachers
  • To understand and operate within a structured routine

Teachers provide learning extensions that prepare you child for school which include numeracy & numbers, literacy & language, nature & science, computers & technology, puzzles & games, creative arts, sand & water play, trips, transition to school programme, child friendships… and more!

Children work together at mat time to share daily information, stories, songs, movement, drama & waiata, etc.

A typical daily learning routine

We believe in uninterrupted, imaginative and creative play. This means our mornings and afternoons at kindergarten are unstructured and unhurried.

This encourages imaginative and inventive thinkers, and through play children are learning to develop key life skills such as problem solving, taking the initiative, learning to persist with a task and getting along with others.

  • When children arrive at kindergarten they are free to choose what they would like to do. Child led play.
  • We have a rolling morning tea. This means that the fruit bowl is available all morning from 9 am to 11.30 am.
  • We come together at 12.15pm to have story time. This ritual includes mindfulness, encouraging the children to calm their bodies down before we transition to lunchtime or home. Story time is a ritual that brings a rhythm to the day for our children. It lets some children know we will soon be dining and it lets others know that soon they will be heading home.
  • We sit for 30 min at lunch, afterwards children have a lavender facecloth, a ritual that guides the end of lunchtime, and lets children know that the afternoon has begun.
  • At the end of the day children gather inside for home time and a story from 3pm onwards.

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Head Teacher (acting)


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