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Qualified, passionate teachers, large outdoor spaces, transition to school programmes and 20 ECE hours each week.

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Sessions: Monday—Friday
Extended Day: Any 6.5 - 7.5hrs between 8am - 3.30pm
Morning: Any 4 - 4.5hrs between 8am - 12.30pm
Afternoon: Any 3 - 3.5hrs between 12pm - 3.30pm
20 Hours free from 2 years old.
$4.00per hour for any additional hours*
(*NOTE: $5.25per hour if you have attested any of your 20 ECE Hours at another service)

P 07 856 3529

0800 CHILDREN (244 537)


56 Masters Avenue, Hamilton


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Enrol from birth. 20 FREE Hours from 2 years of age.

Hillcrest Kindergartens Waikato is well-respected for delivering high quality, affordable education and childcare. We have a well developed and resourced outdoor and indoor environment. Our programme focuses on children’s wellbeing and their interests. We welcome and have a diverse number of cultures attending.

  • Warm & welcoming staff who are passionate about teaching and learning.
  • Safe, caring and stimulating environment.
  • Well resourced and huge outdoor play area.
  • Children develop social interaction and respect.
  • Private online learning portfolios for parents (sharing photos, videos and stories about your child).
  • An exclusive early childhood partnership with the Enviroschools Programme (eg. recycling, composting, gardening).
  • In Partnership with Sports Waikato Under5 Energize to eat healthy, be active & have fun! 
  • Learning based on the NZ Early Childhood Curriculum, Te Whāriki.
  • Value family/whānau and kindergarten partnership.
  • Transition to school programme.

"Great facilities and very welcoming teachers and children."

- Family Survey

"Well-embedded values that promote caring and trusting relationships with children, parents and whanau."

- ERO Report

"Great range of activities - something new every day!"

- Family Survey

Our qualified staff carefully plan programmes that fulfil the early childhood curriculum. We aim to ensure children are competent, confident and successful learners. Children will learn and develop:

  • A strong foundation in reading, writing and maths
  • Art, creativity, music and dance skills
  • An understanding of sustainability and their environment
  • The importance of New Zealand's heritage
  • Social skills, behaviour management and manners
  • Self confidence
  • Learning skills such as independence, creativity and curiosity
  • Friendships that may last throughout their schooling
  • Relationships with consistent, familiar teachers
  • To understand and operate within a structured routine

Teachers provide learning extensions that prepare you child for school which include numeracy & numbers, literacy & language, nature & science, computers & technology, puzzles & games, creative arts, sand & water play, trips, transition to school programme, child friendships… and more!

Children work together at mat time to share daily information, stories, songs, movement, drama & waiata, etc.

A typical daily learning routine


8.00am - Welcome children & family/whaanau and
Activities/Child led learning
9.30am - Mat Time Hui
10.30am - Morning Tea Kai Reminder
11.45am - Tidy Up time Waa whakapai
12.00pm - Mat Time Hui
12.30pm - Farewell children Haere raa


12.30pm - Welcome children & family/whaanau
Activities/Child led learning
1.45pm - Afternoon Tea Kai Reminder
3.00pm - Tidy Up time Waa whakapai
3.15pm - Mat Time Hui
3.30pm - Farewell children Haere raa

Amanda Amanda

Head Teacher


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