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News from January 2014

Fun, Modern & Stimulating Learning Environments 28 January, 2014

Once again, we have had the opportunity to make the most of the term break and undertake some huge renovations.  Kindergartens Waikato Frankton, Hillcrest and Glenview have all had enhancements made to their learning environments – building extensions, interactive modern kitchens, playgrounds… and more! Now for the real reward, to see… Read more

Does Your Boy like to Wrestle? 23 January, 2014

It’s probably not a surprise to some of you that we’ve found children enjoy wrestling! In the kindergarten room at Early Education Waikato Rototuna, they decided to turn this interest into something they can monitor without removing the rough and tumble play altogether. One of… Read more

Mud, mud, glorious mud! 16 January, 2014

Children, fun and messy play all go hand in hand. Kindergartens Waikato Whitiora is in the process of revamping of their outdoor playground. In doing so, the opportunity for ‘messy’ play has been far from forgotten. In fact, they have incorporated a mud pit in… Read more

More Words, Less Fists 7 January, 2014

We all know that children can bicker, argue, grab, and often resort to fisticuffs to get what they want or perceive as ‘theirs.’ We all: Wish that this wouldn’t happen, (it is a pain to deal with!) Know that talking things out is the best… Read more